Using the builder pattern Sometimes you need something between the customization of the constructor and the implicitness of the default implementation[......] 继续阅读

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Using the constructor pattern You may have asked yourself how to idiomatically initialize complex structs in Rust, considering it doesn't have constru[......] 继续阅读

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Using the format! macro format! 是一个 rust 宏,跟 C# 的 String.Format() 用法基本一致。 There is an additional way to combine strings, which can also be used to com[......] 继续阅读

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本文主要讲 C# 常见命名空间 using static 指令 && 调用静态方法 嵌套命名空间&&作用域 别名 Main() 方法 C# 常见命名空间   命名空间 作用 System 创建文件是默认引入,处理数学计算、、环境变量、输出[......] 继续阅读

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